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Motion Technologies provides Best Searching tools for searching multiple websites throughout the internet for jobs, cars and properties etc. . Our tools include Job Finder, Car Finder Property Finder, ….

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Motion Technologies development team have created many Android Apps that are available for free to our valuable clients …

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We provide an optimized Resume Search engine for free. Users can upload their resumes through our Android App for Free. Recruiter search our database to find skilled employees for their companies for free.

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Our Searching tools include an Android App for posting Jobs online, available for free. Our development team have created a procedure through which the posted job is optimized and quickly provides results from Search Engines.

Motion Technologies

Over 100,000 consumers, sales, marketing and recruiting professionals use our tools to accelerate internet based research. The research done all depends on the product in question and we have many for you to choose from.

Motion Technologies has been inventing technology and business processes that simplify internet research since 2000. Whether you are a consumer or a business owner, you can benefit from letting Motion Technologies handle your internet searching needs. All our products are designed to improve productivity, eliminate wasted time, reduce hassle, and produce the best results.

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Search cars from all over the internet with one click. Get email alerts when new cars are posted

Tired of searching car sites and calling sellers only to find out that the dream car is already sold?

Meet the Car Finder ; the one and only tool you need to find your next car.

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You can also setup alerts so you get an email as soon as a car that meets your criteria is posted for sale. If you want to get the most out of your car search, you NEED the Car Finder. This one tool gives you the upper-hand. With just one click, search thousands of websites to find vehicles that you are looking for.




car finder screenshot

Car Finder


search options imagex

Find vehicles for sale based on your location, make, model, car site, and more! Key in your zip code and then select a radius to search. Search with a five mile radius all the way up to 250 miles!

search feature image

Enter in your search phrase (we recommend make and model) and the Car Finder will make automatic suggestions for you. Take advantage of optional search filters including price ranges, year ranges, and more!

search progress


Tired of being the last to hear about a great deal on a new or used car? Setup email alerts or in-program alerts to be notified of new vehicles that meet your search criteria. The Car Finder performs automatic searches every 30 minutes and will let you know if it finds anything.

alerts options image


After submitting your search, you''ll see all the cars that meet your search standards. Click a listing to see the full for sale add in the window below. Sort based on make, model, mileage, location, price, and more! Right click to delete a listing, contact the seller, foward to a friend, and more!

resutls review filtered results review image

Easy Contact

easy contact

Contact car sellers right from the Car Finder by email. It is easy to customize your email settings. Your last message will save for next time, which is ideal when just asking for more standard vehicle information.

Trying to buy new or used cars online can''t get much easier; contact sellers directly through the Car Finder! Save time and beat the rush. If an email address isn''t provided, contact the seller via the provided phone number.

email settings email composer


organization of results contact vehicle owner message composer

Contact vehicle owners directly from the Car Finder. Attach customized notes to each vehicle listing as well. The Car Finder will improve your organization. This is helpful for hopeful car buyers, but a timesaving and moneysaving tool for used car dealers!

Users have the ability to export their vehicle list to an Excel document, save a cars list, save search criteria, and more!


Car Finder Video User Guide