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Tools to help you find what your are looking for only faster.

Best Searching Tools

Motion Technologies provides Best Searching tools for searching multiple websites throughout the internet for jobs, cars and properties etc. . Our tools include Job Finder, Car Finder Property Finder, ….

Andriod Apps

Motion Technologies development team have created many Android Apps that are available for free to our valuable clients …

Resume Search

We provide an optimized Resume Search engine for free. Users can upload their resumes through our Android App for Free. Recruiter search our database to find skilled employees for their companies for free.

Jobs Search

Our Searching tools include an Android App for posting Jobs online, available for free. Our development team have created a procedure through which the posted job is optimized and quickly provides results from Search Engines.

Motion Technologies

Over 100,000 consumers, sales, marketing and recruiting professionals use our tools to accelerate internet based research. The research done all depends on the product in question and we have many for you to choose from.

Motion Technologies has been inventing technology and business processes that simplify internet research since 2000. Whether you are a consumer or a business owner, you can benefit from letting Motion Technologies handle your internet searching needs. All our products are designed to improve productivity, eliminate wasted time, reduce hassle, and produce the best results.

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Search thousands of job sites on-the-go with one click. Be the first to find new jobs

Are you tired of spending days searching multiple job sites?  Are you tired of missed opportunities? 

Want an easier way to search for jobs across the internet?

Install the FREE JobFinder Android App.

Download Trial Job Finder

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Most comprehensive job finding application on android.

***Please use it to find jobs only in the US***

The best job search tool and job finder on the market!

Do you want to simplify your jobs search? Do you want to search multiple job sites at once? You can with the JobFinder. This free android app is a job finder that improves your job searches, eliminates wasted time, and helps you find a job fast.

To Use

* Search with a keyword phrase (ie; office manager, retail jobs, warehouse jobs)
* Enter in a zip code OR city and state
* Search in titles only for the best results
* Submit your search to find job posts and online job listings that meet your search criteria from across the internet
* Sort your list based on location/job title
* Tap a listing to see the full for job listing on the original site (i.e. Monster jobs)
* Upload your resume to ensure it appears at the top when recruiters use the Talent Finder


* Search all the best job search engines, job boards, classified job sites, & more
* Upload your resume to have it appear at the top of the list when recruiters search for qualified job candidates like YOU
* "Search in Titles" to only see listings where your search word was used in the listing title
* See summary of all job listings that met your criteria
* Sort listings based on location or title
* Remove a job post and job listings, click the red X
* Forward a job post onto a friend via email, Facebook, or Twitter via green share icon
* Add a listing to your favorites, click the yellow star icon
* Select all jobs or unselect all
* Share multiple job listing or post jobs via Facebook, email, or Twitter
* Delete multiple jobs 
* Favorite multiple listings 
* Click action menu to view your favorites
* Click listing to see original job posting on original website (i.e Indeed jobs)
* Easily start a new search to try a different keyword or keyword phrase

How It Works

JobFinder searches across the internet for you. It automatically pairs you with jobs hiring now that meet your search criteria. You ONLY see job listings or job posts that fit your search criteria.

To eliminate misinformation, we recommend activating the "Search in Titles" filter. Your job search will only show listings where your search word or phrase was used in the job listing title.

How It Saves Time

Companies post jobs on all different websites; you must search them all to see the most jobs. But wait! Who has time to search all these job search engines independently? You don’t! Job searching is now easy with the JobFinder; search all the best job sites at once (see Indeed jobs, Craigslist jobs, Monster jobs, Yahoo jobs, Career Builder jobs, & more).

What Can You Find

Your search results will depend on your online job search criteria, but you can find a wide range of jobs. Find full time jobs, part time jobs, seasonal jobs, summer jobs, holiday jobs, contract work, temporary jobs, and more. As for actual jobs, your options are endless – cashier jobs, secretary jobs, assistant store manager jobs, warehouse manager jobs, registered nursing jobs, and more!

Searching with job title is best, but you can also search with a company name if you want information on say Fedex jobs, Walmart jobs, CSX jobs, Target jobs, government jobs, Waste Management jobs, and so forth

New: Upload Your Resume

Thousands of recruiters and hiring managers search the internet looking for qualified job candidates. Would you like your resume to appear at the top? It now can when you upload your resume via the JobFinder.

The key to landing a job is to cover all the bases; the JobFinder makes it easy! Load your resume so recruiters can find you and job search all the best job sites at once.

Let the JobFinder become your personal job searcher or your personal job finder.

Please email us with your questions, comments, or suggestions. Email us at[email protected] if you’d like to have the JobFinder customized.


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